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While hair plugs, wigs, and toupees are all readily available options to counteract hair loss, there’s no better feeling than growing back your natural hair. At Method Aesthetics Scottsdale in Scottsdale, Arizona, Katie Mann, RN, provides PRP injections to stimulate hair growth or rejuvenate your skin. Learn more about this exciting new treatment by booking a consultation by phone or online today.


What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is an injectable regenerative substance comprised of a high concentration of platelets (clotting cells) suspended in liquid plasma from blood. The platelets in PRP release growth factors that help cells regenerate and grow new tissues to heal tissue and cell damage. 

Typically, PRP is administered in the form of injections, either with a syringe or with tiny microneedles. They’re placed into your skin to treat a variety of different issues, many of which are aesthetic. Research shows that PRP may be effective in stimulating hair growth and healing certain skin conditions.

Where does the PRP for my treatment come from?

When you get PRP treatment at Method Aesthetics Scottsdale, the PRP that Katie uses for your injections comes from your bloodstream. Since it comes from your body, there is little to no chance of rejection or an unwanted reaction to it. 

To get your PRP and prepare it for treatment, Katie draws some of your blood and places it securely in an Eclipse PRP® centrifuge. This technologically advanced centrifuge spins it rapidly, using centrifugal force to separate it into distinct concentrated layers of different cell types.

One such layer contains platelets, which are the cells that clot your blood to form a scab and begin the healing process after an injury. Katie isolates this layer and prepares it for your injections.

What can PRP treat?

At Method Aesthetics Scottsdale, Katie uses PRP for two main aesthetic treatment purposes. You can get PRP injections added to your treatment for:

Hair rejuvenation

PRP is a great option for hair rejuvenation because it allows you to grow your natural hair without borrowing hair from elsewhere on your body. It’s quickly becoming a favored method for patients looking to revitalize thinning hair through a natural approach.

You should have treatments every three to four months in order to keep your hair growth active.

Skin rejuvenation

Typically coupled with microneedling, PRP reinvigorates your skin by helping heal damaged cells and old scars. You’ll see an improvement in stretch marks, acne scars, and even some wrinkles with an overall healthy skin luminescence. 

To find out how PRP can supplement your aesthetic treatment plan, call Method Aesthetics Scottsdale or book an appointment online today.